The LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector Uses Toy Blocks to Show Blockbusters

 - May 17, 2011
References: vimeo & ohgizmo
There truly is nothing you can’t build with LEGO and this LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector proves just that. Boasting that its only non-Lego parts are its lens, lamp and reel spindles, this home project has its important mechanical parts built from pieces commonly found at any kid’s toy store.

Friedemann Wachsmuth, the creator of this toddler toy movie viewer, states, "The projector uses just two engines and is fully featured with automatic feeding, 24 fps, fast rewind and 120m reel capabilities." It's essentially a full-fledged Super-8 movie projector, minus the fancy metal parts usually used in constructing one.

Next time you accept a LEGO build-off challenge, make sure you’re not competing against an engineer. Otherwise, you might end up facing someone who builds a LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector and feel diminutive with your LEGO house and LEGO people.