Mini Office Playset Lets You Scream, "LEGO My Stapler!"

 - Sep 19, 2009
References: thinkgeek
Do you and your co-workers spend 8 hours a day quoting the movie ‘Office Space’ or do you make constant comparisons to Michael Scott from 'The Office' and your real-life manager?

However you cope with the daily grind, it’s no suprise that mocking our sad little lives through parodying the work place actually helps most of us deal, or at least feel like we are not alone. Things get easier with The Cubes - Cubicle Playset, a LEGO-esque set of toys for us working stiffs. The sets include a cubicle with an office employee action figure, a desk, computer, calendar, and uncomfortable chair. Everything you need to finally take some control in the workplace.

A new set of figures include the morbid-looking ‘office zombies’ and the ‘IT department.’ My personal fav, however, is the ‘Copy Centre,’ complete with repair guy and photocopier with an ‘out of order sign’ on it.