This Rugged Leather Watch Strap Becomes Personalized with Wear

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: hellonomad
The Nomad leather watch strap is an Apple Watch strap that becomes completely unique to each owner with extended wear.

The leather watch strap originally comes in a light tan color, but with user wear, it becomes patterned in darker leather hues, taking on its own one-of-a-kind tone and feel. This is because the leather of the strap, while refined, is raw, untreated, unsealed and unpainted. As a result, it reacts to the body in a way that most over-processed leather goods don't. The Nomad smartwatch strap also features a more rugged, serious, masculine look than most strap options available.

As smartwatches gain popularity, the variety of options to accessorize them also grows. Apple itself recently announced a collaboration with Hermes to create a more fashionable, luxe Apple Watch option -- but the huge range of third-party straps available is also rapidly expanding.