Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags are Crafted from Indonesian Leather

 - Nov 14, 2015
References: cravar & dudeiwantthat
You might not be exactly sure what the story behind your bag is, but when it comes to Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags, you'll know exactly where it came from and how it was created. Crafted from leather sourced from Jogjakarta, Indonesia, which is renowned for its leather, Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags come in a variety of color and style options that are indeed perfect for the lady in your life, but also just masculine enough to be unisex.

The tanning process that Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags go through allows them to build up a strength and resilience through each stage. This means the products are designed to be with you for years to come rather than just one or two seasons.