From Crass Skeleton Tees to Rude Christmas Sweaters

 - Mar 1, 2016
These pieces of shocking apparel make a bold and in-your-face statement. Whether the item is branded with a curse word or riddled with controversial imagery, these garments were designed to make a crude point.

The poo emoji may be a popular emoticon some millennials find hilarious but an older crowd may not feel the same way. Raising a few eyebrows while still using the classic emoji, Dolls Kill's Poo Emoji Tote is big on style and controversy while the Rainbow Poo Hat gives the emoticon a multicolored makeover. The middle finger is a common crude gesture and while the HUF x Todd Francis tee showcases skeletal middle finger imagery,'s Christmas sweater makes the disrespectful symbol more festive.

Some other shocking apparel examples include sassy shirts such as the Barbie-inspired Basic B*tch tee.