The ‘Leaf’ by Hideyuki Kumagai Alters Color

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: japantrendshop
The ‘Leaf’ by Hideyuki Kumagai is a remarkable thermometer that is in the shape of leaves that alter in color when the temperature changes. Unlike a traditional thermometer, this modernly designed piece is beautiful to have displayed in the home, or even in the car. At first glance, one would not assume that it is anything other than a leaf.

The way it works is that the leaf stays green if it’s warm -- anywhere from 20-25°C or (68-77°F) -- and turns brown if it gets cold, or yellow if it gets hot. The distinctive feature that this product offers is that there are no numeric indications; the temperature is solely determined by visual cues. The product comes in either a pack of eight small leaves or a pack of five large leaves.