- Oct 25, 2008
References: coroflot & yankodesign
Taking your child’s temperature could soon be as easy as sticking a digital flower on his head. The ‘Thermoplay’ thermometer by Stefano Pertegato was designed to be stuck to an active body part with a non-toxic silicone adhesive. This design is far more likely to be accepted by kids than other thermometer options.

The device is much less intrusive than typical thermometers and can be used safely even while the child is in motion. Thermoplay’s delicate interior is protected when not in use by flaps similar to flower petals, which fold out of the way when taking a reading.

What’s not mentioned is whether the unit is to be attached for extended periods of time, as in days, or just momentarily. If it could be stuck on for the extent of the flu or cold, it would be extremely handy. With a quick glance at the head, you’d swiftly know the current temperature within.

Perhaps it could also be used by women trying to get pregnant.