NatureVet's GrassSaver Biscuits Prevent the Formation of Yellow Spots

 - May 17, 2017
References: naturvet
There are a variety of products that aim to tackle lawn care dog issues by treating the grass itself, but NaturVet takes a different approach to protecting lawns from dog urine spots with its GrassSaver Biscuits.

The peanut butter-flavored daily dog treats are designed to resemble traditional bone-shaped dog chews, but boast a specially selected list of ingredients to prevent yellow spotting on grass. Alongside ingredients like chicken meal, ground brown rice and turmeric, the formula is rich with B vitamins and amino acids, which are all useful for maintaining a green lawn. As NaturVet notes, "Yucca contained in GrassSaver also helps to reduce stool odor."

NaturVet's range of GrassSaver products also includes soft chews, tabs, wafers and a variety of complementary lawn care products that will be of use to pet owners.