Laura Jade Created a Brain-Shaped Light that is Powered by Thoughts

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: & thecreatorsproject.vice
This mind-controlled light designed by Laura Jade feeds off of brainwaves in order to light up. It requires no physical interaction. The massive brain-shaped light is a glorious structure made from laser sliced perspex and is complete with hand-etched neural networks that glow as light passes through them.

The mind-controlled light works by placing a "brain controlled interface electroencephalography" headset onto any person, which reads their brain activity through senors and transfers the energy into light.

Laura Jade designed this project called the 'Brain Light Project' during her time at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her project connects live brain activity to a large brain-shaped light with extremely sensitive brainwave detectors. The light changes and pulses as the brain continuous to think, feel and experience.