This David's Tea Latte Drink Boasts Satiating Ingredients and Toppings

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: davidstea & blog.davidstea
While lattes are most often topped with foamy, steaming milk, this unique latte recipe from David’s Tea offers something different as a granola-topped "oatmeal latte" drink.

The Nutty Granola Crunch Oatmeal Latte is made with a base of the tea brand’s own Nutty Granola Crunch Tea, which is made from texture-rich ingredients like coconuts, almonds and brittle. This tea base is combined with oatmeal, milk, peanut butter and chocolate syrup to create a rich on-the-go breakfast item that resembles a traditional latte. The entire creation is served with a helping of frothed milk and granola, which adds an interesting twist in comparison to conventional latte drinks.

Many tea-loving consumers are now turning to tea-based foods in their search for the perfect convergence of good taste and health benefits.