Lane 189 is Designed for the Millennial Population of Shanghai

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: unstudio & archdaily
The Lane 189 building in Shanghai's hip Putuo district is designed specifically to appeal to the Chinese metropolis' millennial populace. The mixed-use building contains offices, retail, restaurants, and more, and everything from the design of the building to the business inside is tailored to the up-and-coming generation of young professionals in China.

Though it might be described as a mall, UNStudio, the architecture firm behind the project, sees Lane 189 as a vertical city center for shopping, strolling, eating, gathering, and working. Shanghai is no slouch in terms of modern architectural designs, but Lane 189 is a step above. It's covered in panels that shift from glass to opaque components, giving it the illusion of chrysalis; an apt metaphor considering the growing generation for whom the impressive, standout building is meant.