These Kylie Stillman Book Carvings Cut New Life into Old Novels

 - Jun 19, 2011
References: kyliestillman & odditycentral
Book carving is a rapidly rising art form that is dominated by a few select artists, such as Kylie Stillman, who take pride in breeding new life into old, outdated objects. Stillman uses a scalpel to cut into a stack of books and create inverted carvings of trees, birds, flowers and other items found in nature. The goal of her work is to remind the audience where the paper for these books came from and offset a life cycle that has the paper returning to its original tree form -- symbolically, of course.

As captured in the photos above, the Australian artist often compiles the individual stacks to create a large body of work housed on a shelf. The stacks are laid out such that the progression of the individual images forms a larger picture, such as a plentiful forest or a swarm of flying birds.