Kristin by Isa Jacob Features Slinky Ensembles and Sleek Straight Hair

There's an usual combination of sci-fi style and soft feminine photography in Kristin by Isa Jacob. The pink-tinted pictorial features the slim and sensual Kristin Kragh, dressed in skintight bodysuits and futuristic robes, revealing a subtle womanly softness, but an overwhelming untouchability.

Styled by Caroline Johansson, the garments cloak the model in entirely white or entirely black outfits, where the dark ones have distinctive Matrix type quality, and the light ones have a Star Wars jedi look. There is a calculated coldness in the eyes of the subject, ever so slightly soothed by her fair hair and dainty facial features.

Kristin by Isa Jacob is an editorial that seems to draw from convention, as well as pop culture themes. It demonstrates how great a role fashion plays in way society sees the real and fictional worlds.