The Morten Koldby 'Animal Portraits #2' Series is Wild

 - Jul 2, 2012
References: photographyserved
Similar to the first installment of the project, the Morten Koldby 'Animal Portraits #2' series is a collection of photographs focused on the faces of various creatures.

Koldby explains that part of his intent with this series was to portray the animals as expressing human emotions and attitudes. For instance, there is a contemptuous-looking fox, a dignified lion and a confused ostrich. Also, there is one horse who looks rather down in the dumps; one almost feels compelled to ask it, "Hey, why the long face?"

Along with 'Animal Portraits #1,' Koldby plans to compile these photographs into a single collection and use them to make a coffee table book. The photographs are the perfect images for such a book. They would make great conversation pieces.