Etsy's MapleApple Shop Specializes in Knitted Toys for Kids

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: etsy & thisiscolossal
Etsy's MapleApple shop specializes in hand-knitted toys for kids and replaces traditional stuffed animals and dolls with realistic produce. The Latvia-based e-shop is founded by a mother and daughter with an appreciation for healthy food. Its most notable items include crocheted versions of carrots, lemons and turnips.

These hand-crafted toys are soft and safe for kids of all ages and are a great way to teach small children about the importance of fresh food. Introducing toddlers to various vegetables and fruits, these knitted toys may seem quirky but are a smart way for parents to combat picky eating habits.

Sold both individually and in larger sets, these toys are adorable, educational and are affordable to boot, shipping worldwide from Latvia.