KLM's Must See Map Lets You & Friends Create Maps by Selecting Must-Sees

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: mustseemap.klm & adverblog
KLM Must See Map is an incredibly useful new innovation that lets you and your friends pick out the must-see spots within your planned travels on the virtual maps. The map is then printed out by the airline and sent to you for free in three weeks.

This amazing new procedure is not only an amazing marketing technique for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, but is also an extremely useful and personalized way of preparing for one's travels. The usual procedure for any travelling experience is to mark the must-see spots on a map by hand after being completely overwhelmed with the amount of places one wants to go and know that they're not going to make. Must see map incorporates friend's opinions via social media and provides the traveler with the most optimized travel map possible.