This 'Kittenhood' DIY Pin Can Be Placed Over the Real Thing

 - May 2, 2013
References: kittenhood.wordpress
Sometimes jewelry pieces cannot withstand the test of time, and when this happens, the 'Kittenhood' DIY turns this sad situation into a positive. At one time or another, precious pieces of jewelry have snapped, cracked or disintegrated and often the reason remains unknown. Put those bits and pieces to use in a brooch that is just as stylish as it is simple.

Requiring beads, a felt base and a brooch pin, among other materials, this Kittenhood DIY pin can be quickly created. Even though this tutorial features a heart shape, those who tackle this DIY can choose any shape they desire. However, in all seriousness, nothing will be as adorable as this bubbled heart design. Leave the painful memories of broken, tangled and unwearable jewelry in the past and wear its successor proudly on your lapel or flatteringly fitted blazer.