The 'Boil-up' Kitchen Cooker Saves Nutrient-Rich Water from Cooking

 - Dec 2, 2016
References: yankodesign
It's often said that you are better off drinking the broth that is used to cook and/or boil vegetables in order to get the nutrients, so the 'Boil-up' kitchen cooker aims to help aid this process. The 'Boil-up' uses the basic principle of the percolator coffee pot to draw water upward into the top chamber as it is being used for cooking foods in the lower portion. This water can then be used as a base for a soup, making a delicious sauce or watering plants to ensure no water is lost or wasted through the cooking process.

The 'Boil-up' kitchen cooker is the design work of Ozge Celebi and helps to save precious H2O that would otherwise be poured down the drain after cooking has completed.