The Kisai Quasar Camouflages Time Using Geometric Patterns

 - Oct 17, 2013
References: tokyoflash & tuvie
The Kisai Quasar is the newest watch from Tokyoflash. The Japanese watch company's latest creation is an LED watch designed to camouflage time. It was originally a submission to the company's design blog and is now a member of Tokyoflash's catalog of futuristic and atypical wristwatches.

The Kisai Quasar has a face that at first glance looks impossible to decipher. In reality, telling time is quite easy. The numbers on the face can be shown without any background or in camouflage mode. In camo mode, a pattern flashes and surrounds the time/date, obscuring the numbers on the screen. However, if you know where to look, then you'll have no problem deciphering the time as the watch flashes its geometric patterns. The Kisai Quasar is available now and you can learn more about the new watch in the video.