The Kim Asendorf 'SUPER RT' Let's Users ReTweet in Bulk

Most bloggers from websites that allows users to share information or posts from another blog can agree that there have been instances in which one just wished to bulk-blog a ton of content at once instead of repeatedly re-blogging the content; the Kim Asendorf 'SUPER RT' project works to help Twitter users by allowing tweeters an opportunity to bulk-tweet messages at once instead of going through each tweet individually.

The machine takes the information from other Twitter posts and posts them as one's own, which could be debatable in terms of ethics and copyrights, but founder Kim Asendorf exclaims that there isn't any way that an original author of a tweet can really prove that they are the original creators of the content they post. The idea is that tweets cannot be formed as intellectual property and must be share-worthy by all. The Kim Asendor SUPER RT project is the perfect way to tweet what one sees and likes without having to painfully stalk and retweet every post on its own.