The SmartyPants Kids Probiotic Complete Promotes Healthy Digestion

Catering to the growing demand for probiotic supplements, SmartyPants Vitamins is now selling a product called Kids Probiotic Complete, which helps to promote digestive health in children.

Kids Probiotic Complete is a chewable dietary supplement that is specially designed for young children. Packed with the probiotic strains DE111 and IS2, each serving of two tablets helps to promote good gut bacteria and overall digestive health. The supplement also contains Wellmune prebiotics, which provide children with an additional immunity boost. Despite all of the beneficial nutrients, the supplement is completely free of GNOs, synthetic colors, flavors and preservatives.

Available in kid-friendly Grape and Strawberry Crème flavors, the SmartyPants supplement provides an easy way for parents to add more probiotics and prebiotics to their children's diet.