This Drak Chocolate Snack Bar Features the Kick of Chili

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: naturevalley
'Nature Valley' is selling a sweet and spicy granola bar that features the kick of chili. To keep up with changing consumer preferences, many snack food companies have been experimenting with unusual ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations. The latest snack bar from Nature Valley is infused with spicy ingredients.

The new 'Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Bar' features an unusual blend of sweet and savory ingredients. Similar to other Nature Valley snacks, the new bar features a nutty base coated in a layer of dark chocolate. What sets the new snack bar apart is the unexpected kick of chili. The addition of cayenne peppers gives the granola bar a bit of heat, which is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the dark chocolate.

The new Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Bar offers a new kind of snacking experience.