The KFC Stories Campaign Compares Fiery Fables

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: mccannworldgroup & adsoftheworld
Just like men comparing conquests in the locker room (I can only assume), this KFC Stories campaign depicts a group of burnt matches sharing tales of fiery affairs. Fire starters don't have mouths of course, so their accounts are illustrated as cartoon images in speech bubbles above their scorched potassium chlorate heads.

One charred matchstick tells of a forest fire, another steps in to address a city enveloped in flames, while the third decrepitly describes a single serving of extra hot wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The creative team at the McCann Erickson advertising agency of Malaysia, rendered each of these personified wooden figures with different degrees of combustion damage, suggesting throughout the KFC Stories campaign that the spicy chicken wings are hotter than the rest.