The KeySmart 2.0 Keys Organizer is Improved to Be Better Than Ever

When you're finally ready to let go of that mess of keychains from that trip to Cabo and that bottle opener that you scored at a concert, the KeySmart 2.0 Keys Organizer is here to help make the most of your must-haves. Able to store ten extended-length keys, the KeySmart 2.0 Keys Organizer is the updated version of the original KeySmart that has come to be loved by guys and gals alike who adore the way it helps to transform keys into compact, efficient tools.

When you've installed all your various keys onto the KeySmart 2.0 Keys Organizer, you'll still be able to hang onto your most valued cheesy keychains that'll slip easily onto one end, although they're sure to start looking even more inefficient as the days pass.