Serra's Key Lime Pie Blend Boasts Lime Candy and Mint Flavors

 - Feb 5, 2019
References: shopserra
Serra's Key Lime Pie cannabis strain is a signature blend that draws inspiration from the popular, citrus-infused dessert. The strain consists of 24.17% THC and of 0.06% CBD, featuring body high effects that make it a natural remedy for conditions like chronic pain, muscle tension and insomnia.

The strain boasts a blend of lime candy and mint flavors that add to its relaxing sensation that can be felt almost immediately. Once consumed, the herb blend's stronger effects can be gradually felt two to three hours after consumption.

Making hyper-specific cannabis strains more accessible than ever before, artisan dispensaries like Serra are offering blends like Key Lime Pie in an effort to stray from tradition. This shift is reflective of the herb's continued destigmatization as it becomes legal in more regions across North America.