Kevin Roberts EXPLOITING CHAOS Testimonial

 - Aug 25, 2009
References: exploitingchaos
The highly respected CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi as well as the author of famed book, "Lovemarks," Kevin Roberts, was thrilled with what Jeremy Gutsche’s book has to offer, saying, "Rebellious and seductive, EXPLOITING CHAOS is a love potion for relentlessly creative souls looking to break boundaries, ignite customer passion and start a revolution."

After all, if anyone should know how to spot the start of a revolution it's Kevin Roberts. He did invent and promote the idea of ‘Lovemarks’ being used to further a brand. With mystery, sensuality and intimacy, Roberts believes a brand can command both respect and love--or in other words, lovemarks.

It is obvious that Jeremy Gutsche’s breakout book, EXPLOITING CHAOS, is a lovemark of its own.