These Kevin Champeny Mosaics Use Thousands of Handmade Little Models

 - Sep 8, 2012
References: kchampeny.tumblr & hypebeast
These Kevin Champeny mosaics are particularly notable because of the tiny handmade objects that the artist uses to create the larger pictures. New York-based artist Kevin Champeny has created large images of skulls, flags and other objects using tiny models of things like flowers and soldiers.

In what must take hours and hours of time, Champeny not only creates all the tiny objects by hand, but he also arranges them to make the larger image. 'Flag' is composed of 44,450 urethane army men and What Remains is made of 35,000 flowers. The objects that compose the overall image add to the meaning of the work by showing for example that America is built on the sacrifice of man soldiers, or that death ultimately returns the human body back to nature.