Keith Enevoldsen's Table Shows How the Elements Get Used

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: elements.wlonk & digitaltrends
For students first learning the chemical elements, it can be difficult to distinguish all the abstracted names and numbers, so educator Keith Enevoldsen has created a periodic table that shows the elements in more practical terms. The interactive table of elements shows the chemicals "in pictures and words," helping students of all learning styles to get a better grasp of chemistry 101.

To be sure, Keith Enevoldsen's periodic table is completely scientifically accurate. But, while the familiar shape and structure of the periodic table alone is enough to inspire reflexive fear for many, Enevoldsen's table includes pictures where the nomenclature symbols would be on traditional tables, making the table far less intimidating. By hovering one's mouse over any of these pictures, students can see details about the element, including how it gets used in the real world.