Katie Walker Excels at Making Carpet Patterns Out of Blocks

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: flickr & brothers-brick
These images may look like intricately knit patterns by a gifted elderly woman, but in truth, they're actually Katie Walker's mosaic LEGO creations. A master of the notoriously difficult LEGO piece to use known as 'the cheese slop,' Katie Walker is able to assemble these beauteous designs in ways that I am not even going to attempt to replicate -- they're that difficult.

You can check out Katie Walker's Flickr account to see well over a dozen of these unique pattern creations. They're truly making me rethink the way I play with the toy blocks.

Implications - Consumers enjoy LEGO products because they allow consumers to participate in a creative cognitive activity. Consumers want to feel as though their leisurely activities are also beneficial to them. Consequently, companies may consider incorporating novel design elements into their wares that engage consumers on a mental level to satiate their desire for intellectual content.