The Kathryna Hancock Galadriel Series is Astonishingly Engaging

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: kathrynahancock & touchpuppet
Bold, brightly colored and nothing short of bewitching, the Kathryna Hancock Galadriel photo series is a strikingly impactful piece of photographic art. Chemistry like this between a model and her photographer is hard to come by which makes this series quite a rare find. Model Galadriel is a fresh face from Nous Models and there is no doubt that we will be seeing much more from her.

Her fresh, fun and laid-back style manages to evoke a high-fashion air as she effortlessly flows through the series of poses captured above. And the choice locations for the shoot are not easy places to hold a pose! This is no ordinary beachside shoot; Galadriel is captured posing on rocky cliffs and lush fields, and yet maintains a sense of poise and grace throughout the photos unmatched by most models. The shoot was brilliantly styled by the talented Alvin Stillwell, who accents Galadriel's naturally stunning face and figure with remarkable makeup and soft style.