Katherine Gray Recycles Glasses to Send a Powerful Message

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: katherine-gray & mymodernmet
Transforming the purpose of a glass from a drinkable cup to a work of art, artist and glassblower Katherine Gray integrates both of her passions to create whimsically translucent tree sculptures.

The four sculptures are made up of over 2,000 found glass drinking cups. The glasses are stacked on 14 plexiglass shelves and arranged in a very specific way to create a distinct tree silhouette. The true beauty of the sculptures is that it is translucent to allow light to come through. Beyond its beauty, there is a much deeper message attached to the exhibition. Though wood and glass may not directly have a connection, wood was used for centuries to fuel the glass furnaces. In homage to this, "Gray reconstructs some of these lost trees out of the material that destroyed them—in effect, recycling the trees with recycled glass."

To create both symbolic imagery and a deep message behind it makes Artist Katherine Gray a thought-provoking artist.