The Katharina Grosse 'Wunderblock' Exhibit Lets Visitors Inhabit Paintings

Housed at the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Katharina Grosse 'Wunderblock' exhibit explores space in an ephemeral manner.

There is a monumental quality of the sculptures and installations by the German artist push the toy with the idea of artistic space such as canvas and galleries. The title piece in this exhibit is a painted 60 foot-long work made of glass fiber and reinforced plastic that extends beyond the gallery's boundaries to outside space. Its name references Freud's idea that the Wunderblock is a metaphor for the human mind retaining vague impressions.

'Untitled' references paint and its relation to canvas boundaries by an environment that virtually allows visitors to stand inside her work. She does this by taking over the gallery space with multi-colored strokes on the walls and on mounds of soil that amass to an architectural landscape. There is an ineffable quality to the works in the Katharina Grosse 'Wunderblock' exhibit, and an intent to challenge space perception through her artistic language.