Kari-Lise Alexander Encapsulates Harmony in Dreams on Paper

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: kari-lise & mymodernmet
Seattle-based artist Kari-Lise Alexander illustrates her subjects in extremely surreal and fantastical compositions that are serene and very well depicted.

Her paintings incorporate nature quite innately in these gorgeous girls’ dreams. The body of work has an overall fairy tale feel to it. The impeccable harmony of the women with the animals that surround them reminds the viewer of the Disney princesses during their musicals.

The vibrant, united and whimsical nature of the series is so unlike the low-paced, cold environment of real life. No wonder dreaming is so much more preferred by some people than waking up. The fun and colorful world we all dwell into in our sleep is frequently illustrated through art forms, in an attempt to materialize it as a memory tool.

Kari-Lise Alexander's illustrations do just that while also inviting the audience to the whimsical worlds of these pretty, daydreaming damsels.