The Karen Klein Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign is Heartwarming

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: indiegogo & gothamist
Although YouTube is a gold mine for talent, inspiration and humor, it notoriously houses some cruel finds like videos puppies being drowned, the Luka Magnotta clips and as of just recently, a heartbreaking 10 minute episode of children verbally berating an old women -- inspiring the Karen Klein Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

Bullying in school is talked about all the time but many cannot fathom how wrong it is until a video like this surfaces and knocks us all backwards. The clip is difficult to watch as it features a handful of middle school boys uttering the cruelest of insults, verbally beating down their elderly bus monitor for a full ten minutes. The insults, name-calling and threats leave Karen crying, but yield no sympathy from the boys. A Toronto man, Max Sidorov, came across the video and started an Indiegogo campaign that accepted donations so Karen could be sent on a vacation of a lifetime. The campaign is open for 30 days, but has already amassed over $500,000 over its first two days, completely demolishing its goal of $5000.

The power of crowd-sourced funding is powerful, but this should not be the focus of the ordeal. Bullying is so real, degrading and too often used as a buzzword. More must be done so that we never find or hear of anything of this sort again.