Kangaroos Pass Green Gas

 - Dec 6, 2007   Updated: Jun 10 2011
References: abc.net.au & news.yahoo
Because of the special blend of bacteria in their stomachs, kangaroo flatulence does not contain methane (a greenhouse gas) like cattle and sheep. Scary to believe, but the enteric methane from these animals accounts for 14 percent of Australia's emissions, while in New Zealand, those rates re up an astonishing 50 percent. So, scientists down under are trying to transplant kangaroo bacteria to cattle and sheep to produce eco-friendly farts.

Implications - Researchers have noted that the bacteria in a kangaroo's stomach is able to help with digestion. If the bacteria is transplanted into livestock, farmers will be able to save millions of dollars on feed. Saving farmer's money and saving the environment sounds like a good plan.