Justin Bieber's Slippers Were Released by His Brand, Drewhouse

 - Dec 27, 2018
References: thehouseofdrew & hypebae
Consumers have grown accustomed to celebrities releasing product lines with hefty price tags, which is what makes Justin Bieber's slippers such a surprise, as the comfortable and stylish house shoes arrive with an affordable $5 price tag.

Perfect for wearing in and around one's abode, these shoes are ideal for combating the winter season, but can still be worn comfortably throughout the summer due to its lightweight build. What's more is that these slippers arrive with a unique graphic, ensuring that any on-looker will be able to recognize the celebrity-made product.

The slippers feature a yellow smiley face and read the words 'Drew,' which stands for Justin Bieber's company, Drewhouse, which rolled out in earlier months.