Jurgen Heckel's ‘Gras' Shows an Eco-Embrace

 - Aug 24, 2011
References: monohr & behance.net
Describing the work of Jurgen Heckel as "organic" just seems natural (no pun intended). As a nature-loving photographer residing in Munich, Germany, Jurgen Heckel captures different grasses within his latest appropriately titled work—‘Gras.’

If you were skeptical about how interesting grass can be, the work of Jurgen Heckel will assure you that grass can actually be enthralling and mysterious. Rather than focusing solely on one species of grass, Jurgen Heckel incorporates a variety of grasses, ranging in color, length, density and patter. This is one photographer who undoubtedly takes nature photography to grassy green heights.

Implications - Embracing the simplicity yet diversity of nature can be a very intelligent thing for companies to undertake. Consumers appreciate product displays and products themselves that reflect natural elements such as greenery, animals, etc.