The Juliette Bates 'Histoire Naturelles' Photo Series is Moody

Juliette Bates is a photographer who knows how to distil a scene into quite but attention grabbing elegance. In her ‘Histoire Naturelles’ series she uses a minimal, almost monochromatic color scheme in conjunction with sharp, clean lines to produce pieces that conjure images of Victorian era funerals, Frank Loyd Wright buildings and Edgar Allan Poe poems. This is not to say the photographs are dour; quite the opposite, Juliette Bates finds a beauty in her subjects and ties this into a well integrated and graceful theme.

The series depicts women in black, full length dresses yet never fully reveals their faces. This gives the photographs a sense of mystery and encourages the viewer to fill in the blanks.

Juliette Bates has shown a talent for conveying the surreal and elegant in this series.