Jugendzentrum Echo is Designed to Inspire and Support Young People

 - Jun 11, 2018
References: archdaily
Jugendzentrum Echo, a new youth center in the Austrian town of Graz, is a space from providing dynamic and varied development opportunities for the young people who live in the surrounding area. The building, which was designed by local architecture studio puerstl langmaier architekten, inspires and supports local youth in terms of both its design and its functionality.

One of the keys to Jugendzentrum Echo's effect comes through in its material choices. The entirety of the facade is covered in timber, and the interior rooms are all timber-clad as well. The total effect is thus a calming nod to the nature in the area.

The building is also dynamically designed. Though it's a single story composed of rectangular volumes, those volumes point out in several different directions, giving more creative modes of movement through the space.

Image Credit: pierer.net