The Graphic Art Designs by Joshua Hibbert Have a Hidden Message

The multimedia images by graphic designer Joshua Hibbert are fascinating. The manipulated graphic art is vividly colored with high contrasting patterns that usually include hidden words and messages. The London, England native artist has an extensive collection of very diverse images. Joshua Hibbert likes to play with graphic design, art and sound.

His works often focus on celebrity culture and public perception of media. The subliminally messaged graphic art images are scribbled with words and sayings that are familiar to the general public. For example, one of his photos features hanging gold chains much like the ones seen draped around rap artists' necks in music videos, that spell out the words hanging on. One of Joshua Hibbert’s most iconic images is a mannequin-like upper body with golden chains and jewels replacing its head, which is symbolic to wealth and sanity.

Joshua Hibbert loves to emphasize the relation between destruction and beauty in his captivating graphic art photography.