The Jordans 'Grin-Ola' Cereal Comes in Two Delicious Flavors

The new Jordans 'Grin-Ola' granola cereal has been unveiled by the brand as a product formulated for younger consumers to enjoy in place of traditional breakfast options.

Targeted at children aged five to 11, the cereal comes in four flavor options including 'Banana, 'Strawberry,' 'Chocolate' and 'Apple & Raspberry,' which all contain a low amount of sugar per serving. This makes them ideal for parents who are looking for a tastier way to introduce healthy breakfast options into the mix for young children who can be notoriously difficult when it comes to new foods.

The Jordans 'Grin-Ola' granola cereal is free of artificial colors, preservatives, added salt and is also vegetarian friendly to ensure it meets the stringent needs of discerning parents.