Jonathon Keats's Ultraslow Shots Won't Be Ready Until 3015

 - Apr 4, 2015
References: bigthink & fastcoexist
Jonathon Keats has created an ambitious project -- one he won't be able to enjoy himself unless he freezes himself alongside Walt Disney and future scientists find a way to wake them both up safely. With carefully installed cameras, he'll be taking ultraslow shots to the next level. Jonathon Keats' images won't be able to be seen for a thousand years.

Of course, Jonathon Keats had to create a special camera to be able to withstand the difficulties time will throw at it. Replacing film with copper covered in layers of paint, the camera will eventually take a shadowy picture of change. Placed in Tempe, Arizona, Jonathan Keats says it represents "a relationship with a generation not yet born. The way in which in a city, the urban development that we are responsible for affects them in every possible way—it affects them more than it affects us, yet they're the least empowered to do anything about it."