Jonas Wood Gives Viewers Voyeuristic Looks into Strange Living Areas

 - May 3, 2012
References: davidkordanskygallery & bldgwlf
Being invited into a household is something that requires a lot of trust, and because of that, these Jonas Wood paintings naturally seem intimate even if it’s your first time experiencing them. The Los Angeles-based artist gives viewers a voyeuristic look into the living spaces of people from all walks of life, only he does so through whimsically painted images that contorts perspective to deliver the most effective visual punch. The results are an eclectic and eye-pleasing mix of strange, yet relatable illustrations.

What’s notable about Jonas Wood’s work is that he isn’t preoccupied with making his subjects conform to the natural standards of beauty. Sure, he can paint babies with fewer wrinkles or depict men and women with more model-like features, but then he’d lose a considerable amount of charm inherent in these bizarre-looking people.