Jon Fox Balances Between Good and Evil in These Evocative Illustrations

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: soulofagiant & juxtapoz
These illustrations by Jon Fox depict the artist's fascination with the dichotomy between identity and portrayal. The characters depicted are often seen as struggling between various sources of inspiration -- good and evil. One painting portrays a distressed face protruding from the ground in the center of crowd of men whose exaggerated smiles are juxtaposed with the malicious demon masks they place in front of their faces.

Jon Fox often includes opposing elements within his artwork, both in terms of characters and color scheme. The clash between innocence and corruption is further articulated through the contrast between conflicting color tones. Revolving around the concept of a balance between good and evil, this Japanese-inspired art by Jon Fox is as delightful as it is menacing.