Joanna McClure Lenses Color Studies With Moody Gumption

 - Mar 7, 2012
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Joanna McClure is New York-based photographer with experience in commercial work and passion for personal projects. She has a broad portfolio, working with abstract paper-structure photography, still life and portraiture.

McClure's photographs boast infatuating use of color. Surprisingly, the artist does not manipulate the colors in post-production. Her masterful eye carefully chooses color scheme and toning beforehand, helping her capture naturally vivid color beautifully. McClure expresses emotional and psychological depth through chromatics, making the color palette personal to her and engaging to her viewers.

In her abstract paper collection, she perfected calming hues to portray a relaxing atmosphere for what was truly chaotic and accidental. Her portrait studies focus on color, but work through the subject. The character and underlying narrative of the work is brought out through the balance of light and tone.