This Joana Garrido Series is Abstract

 - May 14, 2012
References: & photographyserved
Singapore-based photographer Joana Garrido recently shot a series of abstract photographs, enigmatically titled, 'ʘ (I),' that will leave many viewers wondering what it is exactly they're looking at.

Each of the photographs depicts various plants and flowers from an intimately close-up and magnified perspective. Using a fish-eye lens, Garrido causes this already abstract imagery to become bounded in spheres. The aesthetic is strikingly reminiscent to that of a marble.

Petals, stems and leaves float languidly in perfectly circular oceans of translucent, almost glowing colors. In many ways, it is like something one would see in astronomical photography. Indeed, looking through the series is like peering into a telescope and viewing the swirling, iridescent gases of some far off nebulae.