Jeremy Roberts Paints Fierce Crime Fighters in a Realistic Manner

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: jprart.deviantart & herochan
Looking at these Jeremy Roberts illustrations should fill you with strength and inspiration. With dynamic renderings of superheroes looking like Greek gods and goddesses, each image incites viewers to puff out their chests and mimic the awesome poses as seen in each action-packed image.

Jeremy Roberts is a ridiculously skilled Canadian comic artist who specializes in painting realistic depictions of characters from Marvel and DC Comics. It's evident through these pictures that Roberts has a profound understanding of art fundamentals, but his ability to make figures constantly look badass is something even many talented illustrators in his industry haven't quite mastered to this level.

When not drawing the raddest comic book images you've ever seen, Roberts dabbles into rendering characters from franchises such as Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Evil Dead and Pirates of the Caribbean.