Nine To Five Magazine: Jeremy Gutsche On 80s Revival During The Recession

 - Sep 23, 2009
Jeremy Gutsche was recently interviewed for the cover story of Nine to Five Magazine, a piece in which Jeremy outlined the financial reasons behind the 80s revival in pop culture.

In the Nine to Five Magazine cover story, Jeremy Gutsche had this to say about the 80s revival: "The financial crisis is impacting fashion in a couple ways: First, in times of economic gloom, people turn to the cheerful things in life, like comedy movies, and bright, bold fashion. The latter opens the door for the 80s. The second is that credit crunched fashionistas find ways to look unique on a budget, and that means either homemade accessories or vintage couture. When enough early adopters find themselves in the above scenario, a wave of colourful vintage splashes upon us, and in this case, that means the 80s."

Check out the full Nine to Five Magazine article at the link below.