Chicago Tribune: Jeremy Gutsche On 2010 Fashion

 - Jan 9, 2010
References: chicagotribune
Jeremy Gutsche was quoted in the Chicago Tribune this week for a feature on 2010 fashion. The article highlighted trends to keep and fads to ditch, and Jeremy weighed in on men’s formal fashion, as shown below:

A Decade of Style, Good and Bad
By Ellen Warren

We’ve all had that sinking feeling, the "What was I thinking?" moment when we look at an old photo and can’t believe we appeared in public looking that way. As we start a new decade, let’s take a look at some recent fashion and style trends - the ones whose searing images cry out for a bonfire and those worth keeping.


It wasn’t just women who went bad. The shrunken men’s suit popularized by designer Thom Browne, above, was hard to take seriously. But Jay-Z and other celebrities known for their immaculate menswear are signaling a turn to more formal dressing for men. And that’s a good thing. Jeremy Gutsche, founder of, predicts we’ll see men’s "half formal dressing," sprucing up traditional business casual with blazers, bow ties and the like. But khaki pants with blue shirts are here to stay. Alas, forever.

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