The Jeni's Traveler Bag is Designed to Store the Brand's Treats

 - Mar 19, 2019
References: shop.jenis
The Jeni's traveler bag is a signature merchandise item that is specially designed to carry the ice cream brand's pints. Specializing in artisan ice cream treats, Jeni's has gained fame for its broad range of handcrafted flavors for both dairy lovers and vegan consumers. Some best-sellers by the brand include its Supermoon Pint which is crafted to taste like cereal milk along with its Crowd Pleaser collection which includes a Middle West Whiskey & Pecans flavor -- boasting Middle West Spirits whiskey, butterscotch, honey and more.

Designed to fit three of the the brand's ice cream pints, the Jeni's travel bag is a chic white and orange bowling bag that embodies a retro design aesthetic. The piece is a collectible item for ice cream fans and speaks to consumers' growing desire for niche and collectible merchandise that showcases their connection to a particular brand.